2017 Annual Board Meeting

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Call to Order

President Introduction - Dan McCrea stepped down.  Keith Hering is Acting President

Secretary's report - approved by vote

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Diller presented a Treasurer’s Report that lined out the balances on
hand, dues, liens placed, and collections process for late dues. She also presented the Nov. 1, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2017 Budget VS Actual Report and answered questions regarding cost of pond maintenance, bids from lawn care companies, and reimbursement for pond care from Grey Stone (who owns half of the South Pond).

Questions were also asked about the new sign at the entrance of The Oaks. Members were
informed that the Board is still waiting for the commercial development to be finished before installing a new sign because the property we want to place the sign on doesn’t legally belong to us and the commercial developer could come in damage a new sign while
construction/excavation is being done. The Board also explained that the old sign was
refurbished and will be placed between Parker’s Bay and The Oaks on Honey Oak Run.

The 2017 Budget was proposed, discussed, and voted on. The Budget was approved.