Dues Information

The annual dues that you pay as a member of the Oaks Home Owners' Association is used to support the following activities and services which account for most of the expense:

  • Maintain common areas (mowing, landscaping, and pond maintenance)
  • Street snow removal
  • Street lights (electric bill and maintenance)
  • Annual picnic
  • Signage

Annual Dues are: $120, due on January 1 of each year.

Dues can be sent to 4921 Dupont Oaks Place.  Make checks payable to "The Oaks".  Please include lot number.

If you have any questions, please click here.

Annual Dues for The Oaks Community Association

All owners of record for lots in The Oaks are members of the Homeowners Association and must pay annual dues.  Lot owners with delinquent dues of 30 days (unpaid by January 31) will be assessed interest monthly at the rate of 8% per annum.  Lot Owners with delinquent dues of 60 days (unpaid by March ) may have a lien placed on their property (see section 14 of Covenants below).

Amendment of Protective Restrictions and Covenants #2 recorded 4/17/98

Section 14.  Effect of Nonpayment of Assessments:  Remedies of the Association.

Any assessment not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date shall bear interest from the dues date at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum.  If any owner shall fail or refuse to pay an assessment when due, the amount thereof plus interest and the Association’s costs of enforcement, shall constitute a lien upon the lot of the owner and upon the recording of notice thereof by the Association, such lien shall be an encumbrance upon such Owner’s lot.

When the dues are two (2) years in arrears, it will be turned over to a collection agency.