Standing Water in the Common Area (E)

I talked with Jack Gensic of the County Surveyor’s Office Drainage Board this morning. He has been working on and has been aware of the problem for over two months. The following is a list of the issues per his assessment.

There was a Willow tree in the back yard of 10922 DuPont Oaks Blvd. which was removed approximately two months ago. These tree roots have all but blocked the drain tile leading away from the common area. They were waiting for six months for the roots to die before removing them, as they tend to grow back.
Due to the large amount of rain this year the county is now waiting for the ground to freeze before scheduling a contractor to grind out the roots from the tile. If the cold weather continues this should happen sometime next week.
There is an emergency overflow drain located in the sidewalk between 10914 and 10922 DuPont Oaks Blvd. which is at least one foot lower in elevation than the surrounding property owners land. The water would flow into this drain before reaching the property owners yards.
There is a drain located near the middle of the common area, close to the sidewalk that is clear and the Willow tree there is not a problem. The drain in the middle is connected to the drain that is blocked, thus there is just a small amount of water flowing away from the area.