Standing Water Update

The drain was unplugged in common area E on Monday. The water drained all day and appeared to be down at least four feet based on the ice ring on the standing Willow tree. However, the last rain water seems to be collecting again, probably due to an ice jam at the inlet. Warmer weather should correct this problem.

I talked with the county inspector regarding common area A, located behind the homes on Old Oak Ct. There are some Willow trees that must be removed as their roots are plugging up the drain tile. There is no danger of the surface water damaging the homes surrounding this common area as their elevation is much higher than the drains. Once the weather gets warmer and the ground becomes solid the county will clear out the roots clogging this drain. It is suggested no new tree plantings should be within 30 feet of any drain tile. I will ask the county for a map of the drain tile locations so we have a better understanding of where they lie so we can avoid planting trees close by thus potentially clogging them up again. Since there are existing trees near other drain tiles the county has requested we monitor standing water, especially along the south property line near DuPont Oaks Pl.