2017 Annual Board Meeting

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Call to Order

President Introduction - Dan McCrea stepped down.  Keith Hering is Acting President

Secretary's report - approved by vote

Treasurer’s Report – Susan Diller presented a Treasurer’s Report that lined out the balances on
hand, dues, liens placed, and collections process for late dues. She also presented the Nov. 1, 2016 - Oct. 31, 2017 Budget VS Actual Report and answered questions regarding cost of pond maintenance, bids from lawn care companies, and reimbursement for pond care from Grey Stone (who owns half of the South Pond).

Questions were also asked about the new sign at the entrance of The Oaks. Members were
informed that the Board is still waiting for the commercial development to be finished before installing a new sign because the property we want to place the sign on doesn’t legally belong to us and the commercial developer could come in damage a new sign while
construction/excavation is being done. The Board also explained that the old sign was
refurbished and will be placed between Parker’s Bay and The Oaks on Honey Oak Run.

The 2017 Budget was proposed, discussed, and voted on. The Budget was approved.

Nextdoor.com – is this for you?

For those of you who have received an invitation to join Nextdoor, you should be aware that this has not been endorsed by The Oaks Board.  This is an online community service hosted at Nextdoor.com.  It is a very large service already covering over 100,000 neighborhoods.  On the surface, it sounds like a great opportunity to communicate with your neighbors in The Oaks. However, there are a couple of concerns that we have about this service. 

For more information, click here.

Standing Water Update

The drain was unplugged in common area E on Monday. The water drained all day and appeared to be down at least four feet based on the ice ring on the standing Willow tree. However, the last rain water seems to be collecting again, probably due to an ice jam at the inlet. Warmer weather should correct this problem.

I talked with the county inspector regarding common area A, located behind the homes on Old Oak Ct. There are some Willow trees that must be removed as their roots are plugging up the drain tile. There is no danger of the surface water damaging the homes surrounding this common area as their elevation is much higher than the drains. Once the weather gets warmer and the ground becomes solid the county will clear out the roots clogging this drain. It is suggested no new tree plantings should be within 30 feet of any drain tile. I will ask the county for a map of the drain tile locations so we have a better understanding of where they lie so we can avoid planting trees close by thus potentially clogging them up again. Since there are existing trees near other drain tiles the county has requested we monitor standing water, especially along the south property line near DuPont Oaks Pl.

Standing Water in the Common Area (E)

I talked with Jack Gensic of the County Surveyor’s Office Drainage Board this morning. He has been working on and has been aware of the problem for over two months. The following is a list of the issues per his assessment.

There was a Willow tree in the back yard of 10922 DuPont Oaks Blvd. which was removed approximately two months ago. These tree roots have all but blocked the drain tile leading away from the common area. They were waiting for six months for the roots to die before removing them, as they tend to grow back.
Due to the large amount of rain this year the county is now waiting for the ground to freeze before scheduling a contractor to grind out the roots from the tile. If the cold weather continues this should happen sometime next week.
There is an emergency overflow drain located in the sidewalk between 10914 and 10922 DuPont Oaks Blvd. which is at least one foot lower in elevation than the surrounding property owners land. The water would flow into this drain before reaching the property owners yards.
There is a drain located near the middle of the common area, close to the sidewalk that is clear and the Willow tree there is not a problem. The drain in the middle is connected to the drain that is blocked, thus there is just a small amount of water flowing away from the area.


Flags for Holidays

Over the years we have tried to place flags at the end of each driveway in the neighborhood for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day. We are now in need of your help.

Many of the former Block Captains have either moved or can no longer help with this tradition. I have created a list of each section in the neighborhood. To view the list, click here.  The ones in bold no longer have someone willing to put out/pick up the flags. If you live in one of these sections, please consider helping. (By volunteering for this, you are by no means volunteering for any other duties or volunteering to be the Block Captain.)

If you would like to help, please  fill out a Contact Us form (CLICK HERE). I will then get the flags to you.

Thank you!


Recently, one of our association members had a rock thrown through his front screen and double pane window.  This occurred around midnight.  The investigating officer suggested we ask everyone to keep their outside lights on at night.

Parkview Hospital donates land to Fort Wayne for use of a fire station

The Board learned at the May meeting that Parkview Hospital has donated a piece of property to the city of Fort Wayne for the use of a fire station. This property is located just northwest of New Vision Drive on Diebold Road. Therefore, a fire station will not be built on the property next to the entrance of The Oaks on Dupont Oaks Blvd. This property will more than likely go back on the market for the purpose of commercial business.